This charming 400 m² residence is located in the picturesque area of Plyuty, just outside Kyiv. The homeowners are a family with four wonderful children, each with their own distinct personality, favourite colour, and hobby so the design of their rooms had to be tailored to their specific needs which means each room can stand out from the whole concept of the house to celebrate individuality and uniqueness. However, our goal is not to raise children who conform to stereotypes, but rather to raise unique and engaging individuals with their own distinct personalities.
We did not rely on neutral or natural colours for the children's rooms and bathrooms but instead chose to use each child's favourite colour as the basis for the design. By working closely with each child, we were able to create spaces that truly reflect their individual preferences and character. The end result is a collection of rooms that celebrate the beauty of being unique and different, just like the children who live.