The stylistic task was as follows: “I have been fed up with living in the loft interiors. Ksenya, could you make me a cosy space with your personal touch of style where I would unwind and recharge?”  These are the kinds of requests that give wings to the projects and mostly are done in one breath. With the freedom to design without any limitations, I used glass partitions and sliding doors to visually enlarge the space giving the opportunity to breathe at full.
The use of the same wallpaper in the dining room and bedroom areas unifies the space and complements the partitions. However common the brick interiors are, here it looks stylish and cosy. The wood on the floor and furniture, the warm colour of the walls, ochre-beige brick, and bronze-coloured glass all add visual warmth to the room. The grey-blue kitchen facades balance this warmth and create a harmonious interior design turning a small apartment into a beautiful inviting home.