This interior is a mix of modern comfort and a delicate touch of folk. A large number of colors did not make this apartment kitschy, but filled it with life and individuality. The dullness of the materials used in the project gives the feeling of a pure home and security. In addition, the coexistence of a large number of textures and materials in the space created a feeling of coziness and gave the interior a special character.
Most of the furniture and decor was created by our Ukrainian craftsmen. All wooden items - cabinets, chests of drawers, bedside tables, doors - were made to order by a Frankish craftsman and his son according to my sketches. It is a special pleasure to deal with a family business. Family stories, experiences of generations, love and respect for each other are reflected in things. And this, in my opinion, is very valuable.

This project turned out to be quite non-standard in its daring combination of colors and textures. This became possible only thanks to the openness of customers to the new and unusual. But first of all, thanks to 100% trust in the creativity of the designer.